More is more

We have created a lot of acts for our clients, but also more general acts that can be booked to your event, gala or kick off. They are all collected here.

Not a coincidence

 A act made for SBR/Step2 with cards and digits.

Sirqus Alfon

The following acts are made by Erik Rosales group Sirqus Alfon. They are often brooked together with our iPad or Hologram act to extend the high-tech magic.

Laser Magic

A unique and striking light show with musicians magically playing on laser beams. This modern electronic-music act is a beautiful and amazing play with sonorous lasers. Starting as a suggestive visual installation it increases to an intense finale of technical perfection.

Video Loop

Have a music video created with your audience in just a few seconds. Camera magic in a playful way that brings the whole crowd together. Sirqus Alfon is always developing their skills in crowd participation, with finesse, humor and unbelievable technical solutions. This act involves the entire crowd to automagicaly create a live hyper-energetic music video that can be uploaded to Instagram or sent by email to your audience.

Top Cam

An astonishing play with perspective and an energy boost with a lot of heart and humor. As performed on primetime on Swedish TV-gala Eurovision Song Contest, this act is a guaranteed standing ovation. Physical and mind-bending act with cleaver visual effects  that takes acrobatics to a whole new level!


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