About the act

We are proud to present a customizable iPad act about innovation based on the viral Stockholm iPad act, that can easily be performed at any occasion, event or gala. It has been performed for Apple, SIME, Deloitte and at the Polhem Prize awards ceremony to name a few.

Download the technical raider and information on the customizable parts of the act here and download our press photos here.

Created and written by D1gits (Charlie Caper and Erik Rosales).

Music by Markus Jägerstedt
iPad animations by Bold Faces
Programmer Olov Ylinenpää
Construction Oscar Andersson


Our first iPad act became an instant youtube sensation.

15 000 hits day one
150 000 hits day two
400 000 hits day three
900 000 hits day five. Magic!
Currently it has well above 3 400 000 hits.

Our card trick video “Not a coincidence” reached
500 000 hits in less than a week.

And our whiteboard act has 125 000 hits.

Obviously we don’t guarantee viral success (anyone doing that is probably lying), but we know we have a good track record making viral business presentations.


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