About the act

Holograsp is a completely new kind of act combining holograms, magic and robots into a very effective form of presentation. We currently have performed what we consider to be a work in progress act several times to great response including live at major technology conference SIME. The basic technologies for the act are completely developed with support from Kulturbryggan and Konstnärsnämnden and we are now working on further content.

We are also looking for an ambitious larger client to work with and spend a few months developing our first custom presentation using this technology. Again, we cannot promise it will go viral, that would be like a golfer promising a hole-in-one. But our track record shows we are very good at playing the game.

Created and written by D1gits (Charlie Caper and Erik Rosales).

Music by Markus Jägerstedt
iPad animations by Visual Relief
Programmer Charlie Caper & Olov Ylinenpää


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