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Plug n Play – Stockholm

About the act

The iPad act was a custom creation, made to be performed in the Stockholm booth at MIPIM trade show in Cannes. It was commissioned by lovely bureau Step2 Communications and the brief was to create a visual, magical and striking presentation about Stockholm using modern technology.

Charlie Caper and Erik Rosales imagined, scripted and built it. We also flew in Ben Seidman from the US to help with all aspects of it and the music was written by Markus Jägerstedt. The video on the iPads is made by Image Research.

We are doing more projects like this and are currently both developing this concept and other completely different ones.





“all we can do is hold our hands up and offer a hearty ‘well done’ to those involved. Color us impressed.”


“I’m sold!”

The next web

“Swedish magicians + 7 new iPads = One of the best presentations you will ever see”


“New iPad Act Awesome performance”


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Kanal 9

“So much more” was made to be played regularly on Swedish tv channel Kanal 9 between their programming.

The brief was to create something where the audience wouldn’t be able to tell what was magic and what was special effects. The client also wanted the particular framing, song, tattoo and use of t-shirts.

The rest was developed by Charlie Caper who created the magic effects, t-shirt transitions, made a video storyboard and invented a method for editing seamlessly while using only one camera.

To help on site Charlie brought in Axel Adlercreutz to act as assistant.

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SATV – Digital Slapstick

Erik Rosales is the mind behind the digital show idéas and solutions in the blockbuster stage show SATV. In this show he has developed totally groundbreaking ways of using multiple cameras and screens combined with interactive iPad apps, chroma keying, lasers and animations.

Sirqus Alfon is a musical phenomenon trio in the disguise of a cover band, mixing hip hop, rock, reggae, latin, samba, orient, electric, beatboxing, chaos and comedy to create a genre all of their own. Their latest show has them on a new mission: Television. It’s interactive using digital technology with their live audience to create a stage show with technical capacity you’ve only ever seen on the screen. It is live cameras, live music, visual chaos.

Booking and info visit Loco World

  • Plug n Play – Stockholm

    Plug n Play – Stockholm

  • Kanal 9

    Kanal 9

  • SATV – Digital Slapstick

    SATV – Digital Slapstick


Custom d1gital presentations

Do you need your audience to really go wow?

We mix technology, magic, movement, hard work and great writing to do just that.


Our new iPad act became an instant youtube sensation.

15 000 hits day one
150 000 hits day two
400 000 hits day three
900 000 hits day five. Magic!


The Team

Charlie Caper

Charlie Caper is a magician, performer and creator.

He won Sweden’s Got Talent 2009, and is the only magician to ever win this TV format in any of the 25 countries it’s aired.
He won a Silver Medal at the Last World Championship of Magic in 2009
He is currently a television star in Sweden with the show “Helt Magiskt” starring in ten Saturday evening shows on Swedens biggest channel SVT
Apart from that he has performed in 31 countries and 6 languages

Erik Rosales

Erik Rosales is a multitalented man with a huge interest and expertise in all kinds of technology and how to use in on stage. He is also the front man of incredible Swedish music sensation Sirqus Alfon with whom he recently created the ambitious, inventive and amazing SATV show. In 2012 they were invited to be guest act in Melodifestivalen – by far the tv program with the most viewers in Sweden every year

At present his solo work focuses on hosting, lecturing and digital presentation consultation.

Production Team

These are creative people D1gits Productions bring in to projects where their skills are needed. In the iPad act we brought Ben Seidman to Sweden, a genius magic consultant and performer based in Las Vegas/Reno. He also consulted on Helt Magiskt.


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